Sgbikemart Sales Agreement

This site, and all associated websites (together the “site” or “website”), offers users of the site the opportunity to interact with other users of the site and to buy or sell various items and products and may offer a coupon program with discounts and advertising sales for users. This site, including the services and/or products it offers, is owned by SGBM PTE, Ltd., (“owner,” “we” or “we”), and all rights are vested in it. The offer of information, the ability to interact with other users of the site and to buy, sell or exchange articles and/or services is expressly conditional on user acceptance (“user” or “you”), as well as on other pages of the site (together terms and conditions). As a general rule, we advise both the seller and the buyer to stick the agreed price on the contract form before proceeding with the transfer of ownership. As for links from other sites to this site, you are entitled, under certain circumstances and subject to the terms of this Contract, to make a link to this site. The website and the owner have the right to withdraw your right to do so at any time. If you are informed by the site or the owner to disable such a link, you must do so immediately and remove it from the site. Any link connected to the site must: a) the link should only direct the user to the home page of the site; and b) the link should guide the user to the full-screen site; c) The link should only be text and the url (Uniform Resource Locator) must be clearly recognizable. Any link connected to the site cannot: a) the link should not allow for pop-up advertising or other un triggered windows; (b) the link should not indicate that the entity that makes the link is linked to the website or owner; (c) the link must not be associated with a website containing obscene, profane or sexually explicit material, and the owner reserves the exclusive right to adopt such a provision, whether it is obscene, profane or sexually explicit; (d) the link must not in any way damage the reputation or business will of the website or the owner.