Temporary Parental Safety Agreement Nc

DSS is required to monitor your case and bring your child home as soon as it is safe. This sometimes happens because authorities focus on risk rather than safety. As a reminder, security problems involve threatening family situations and current, significant and clearly observable threats to the immediate safety of the child or adolescent. Risk issues relate to the likelihood of future malreatment (CWIG, 2014). Unlike parental agreements, custody agreements may concern the maintenance of children. May deprive parents of their rights. However, some in this area have questions about this practice: what exactly are the security resources? When should we use them? How long should we use them? Security resources are discussed in North Carolina`s child protection policy (see Chapter 8, Section 1408, point F), but there are no answers to the questions below. In the course of 2015, the NC Division of Social Services will work with the county DSS authorities through the Domestic Services Working Group to strengthen the security resource policy. Custody contracts are contracts between parents that are not submitted to the court.

In the meantime, this article attempts to answer frequently asked questions about security resources, based on discussions with representatives of the department and the county`s DSS authorities.