Microsoft Campus Agreement

Microsoft Campus Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a licensing program that allows eligible institutions to use Microsoft software products for a fraction of the cost of retail purchases. The program is designed for colleges, universities, and other educational institutions looking to equip their faculty, staff, and students with the latest Microsoft technologies.

What is included in the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

With the Microsoft Campus Agreement, institutions gain access to a wide range of Microsoft products, including:

• Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other tools included in the productivity suite.

• Windows Operating System: Access to the latest version of Windows operating system to streamline institutional processes, including Windows 10 Enterprise.

• Client Access Licenses (CALs): Licenses for enterprise applications such as Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Skype for Business.

• Servers: Access to various server products like Windows Server, SQL Server, and System Center.

• Cloud-based services: Availability of Microsoft-based cloud services such as Office 365 and Azure.

Benefits of the Microsoft Campus Agreement

1. Lower Costs: The program offers cost-effective licensing arrangements compared to retail purchases. It allows institutions to budget their software expenses, making it easier to manage their technology resources.

2. Access to the Latest Technologies: With the Campus Agreement, institutions can easily get access to the latest Microsoft technologies without worrying about the cost of upgrades.

3. Simplified License Management: The program helps institutions to manage their licenses effectively through a user-friendly online system. The licensing process is straightforward and streamlined, making it easier for institutions to ensure compliance with licensing terms.

4. Customizable Solutions: The Microsoft Campus Agreement allows institutions to tailor their software solutions based on their specific requirements and needs.

5. Free Training Resources: Under the Campus Agreement, institutions can also access free Microsoft training resources to develop and improve their staff and students` digital skills.

Eligibility for Microsoft Campus Agreement

Eligibility for the Microsoft Campus Agreement varies by country and region. However, typically, the following entities may participate:

• Accredited public or private universities, colleges, academic institutions, and K-12 institutions

• Hospitals, libraries, museums, and other non-profit organizations with an educational mission

• Government and non-governmental organizations that engage in education

• Research institutions that are academically orientated


Institutions that decide to participate in the Microsoft Campus Agreement can benefit from the program`s wide array of features and advantages. The agreement offers a comprehensive software licensing solution that enables institutions to equip their staff and students with the latest Microsoft technologies. The program also offers cost-effective licensing arrangements, simplified license management, and access to free training resources, among other benefits. If you are eligible, the Microsoft Campus Agreement may be the perfect fit for your institution.